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our menuMention the name Morelli to anyone in the Restaurant business and they will tell you it stands for quality, service and style.


Since the restaurant opened in 1984 culinary guide books started including the restaurant as a reference point for serious foodies.


It has remained there ever since.


El éxito del restaurante se encuentra en apelando a todas las paletas con ingredients de alta calidad y una excelente cocina que cruza las fronteras culinarias , pero nunca pasa de moda.


And we work hard to offer tremendous value:

  • Starters, salads & soups range from 11.00 Euros,
  • Pastas from 14.00 Euros
  • Fish & Meat Dishes from 15.00 Euros
  • and of course for any special requests we can work to your budget.


After all, the Morelli's have been in the restaurant business for 45 years - remember the famous Barbarella Restaurant in London?


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Cuisine that crosses culinary borders but never goes out of style:

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The Valparaiso has something for everyone!
private golfer rooms for reunions and events

If you are a Golfer, our private room is absolutely perfect for Golfing Reunions & Events.

office parties

At the Vaparaiso we have a perfect venue for your Office Party! With seating for up to 300 people, we can cater for parties of any size.

weddings and functions

Weddings & Functions are our speciality and our years of experience allow us to work to your budget.

special celebrations

Whatever you are looking to celebrate, a Birthday, Anniversary or just a special day, we can take care of everything for you.

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