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Web design and translation of webpages
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mlp-Production   Manfred Leister
Web: http://mlp2.com   E-29650-Mijas (Málaga)
Email : info@mleister.com Tel. : (34)952 48 52 25
Our experience in property solutions goes back a few decades, we use our experience and composure to explore what is right for your property, there is no one solution fits all.
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Costa Casa Home Renovation   Bruce Hosie
Web: http://www.costacasa.es/   -
Email : bruce@costacasa.es Tel. :
(+34)666 769 356
Bromley Estates Marbella is Marbella's premier Real Estate agency, with a strong focus on providing Real Estate services that go beyond our customer’s expectation.
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Bromley Estates   Emma Paterson
Web: https://bromleyestatesmarbella.com/   29----Marbella
Email : emmap@bromleyestatesmarbella.com Tel. : (+34) 952 939 460
(+34) 666 769 059
We have a family run estate agency in the village of Benalmadena Pueblo , established now for approx 20yrs. We specialise in properties in and around the village area and our office is situated opposite the Pharmacia near the Town hall.
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De_Costa_Properties   Wendy Johnston
Web: http://decostaproperties.com   -
Email : Tel. : 952568426
For over 50 years, the Lee Company has pioneered the design and development of miniature precision fluid control components for aerospace, down-hole oil tools, machine tools, medical/scientific instrumentation, and ink-jet printing.
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Lee_Products_Ltd   Sandra Hughesdon
Web: http://www.leeproducts.co.uk   SL9 9QE-Buckinghamshire
Email : sales@leeproducts.co.uk Tel. : +44 (0)1753 886664
Wynn Developments offers high-quality commercial accommodation in Telford. Constructed to a high specification and including modern technology and amenities it provides long-term office leasing for successful businesses within Shropshire.
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Wynn Developments   Dr.Graham Wynn
Web: http://wynndevelopments.com/   -Shropshire
Email : graham.wynn@wynndevelopments.com Tel. : 07779 131 392
Unser Unternehmen ist spezialisiert auf gewerbliche und industrielle Kältesysteme. Diese sorgen im Handel und Gewerbe für die Sicherung Ihrer Waren- und Produktionswerte. Für optimale Kühlung ist eine perfekte Kühllogistik Voraussetzung. Wir sind Ihr Ansprechpartner für die richtige Ausstattung und den Ausbau Ihrer Kühlräume.
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Calanda_Kaelte   Georg Boss
Web: http://calanda-kaelte.ch   CH-7302-Landquart
Email : georg@calanda-kaelte.ch Tel. : +41(0) 81 300 07 07
Finding Algarve villas for rent could not be easier with Discover the Real Algarve as we have been renting luxury Algarve villas to clients from all over the world, including Portugal, for over fifteen years.
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The_Real_Algarve   Lynne Bunting
Web: http://therealalgarve.com   NG14 7EF-Notts
Email : Tel. : +44 (0)115 966 3661
Established in 1976 in the heart of Britain, HPF is a global success story. Our customers include the major operators and EPC contractors responsible for delivering energy projects on a world class scale. Our track record inspires great confidence throughout the industries we serve. Our imaginative and sound approach is backed by an awareness of the demanding environment that our business operates in. As part of the international Marla Group of companies, we can draw upon the extensive resources available from within the group. Our customers have come to rely on our total piping solutions approach and our proven project management skills.
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HPF_Energy_Services   Alasoair Macaulay
Web: http://hpf-energy.com   6EH-Alcester
Email : ali.macaulay@hpf-energy.com Tel. : +44 (0)1789 761212
Not just an MOT and a wash!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There are many ways that you can purchase a used truck.

Price is always an issue, but what do you get for your money. Too many people shop on price. Everyone knows, but will not admit, that you get what you pay for. Most of the time, things are cheap for a reason.

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Macs'_Trucks_Sales   Alec McDade
Web: http://macstrucks.co.uk   HD3 3FG -West Yorkshire
Email : alec@macstrucks.co.uk Tel. : 01422 311999
07836 646227
Over the last 25 years our directors have been involved in the promotion and management of resorts for clients ranging from small independently owned resort properties to large corporate organisations.
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Richvale_Resorts   Ian Goddard
Web: http://www.richvaleresorts.com   29639-Benalmadena Costa
Email : ing@richvaleresorts.com Tel. : UK 0871 423 1662
+ 34 952 577914
Everything Mac i am a trained Mac book computer technician and can help you along with everything Mac take a look at my website i can travel to you weekly daily or for group sessions i cover everything your stuck on frustrated about from the very basics through to the very advanced you can email me to book a lesson on steve@macbookhelp.co.uk thanks .
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Mac_book_   stephenstephenstephen Day
Web: http://macbookhelp.co.uk   -
Email : steve@macbookhelp.co.uk Tel. :
Real Estate - 40 Years Experience
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Marksol   Manfred Leister
Web: http://googleprop.com   -
Email : info@googleprop.com Tel. :
TV Installations & Solutions
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XPatPlanet   Steven Barrington
Web: www.xpatplanet.com   -
Email : info@xpatplanet.com Tel. :
Rent a Ferrari with driver.
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Rent_a_Ferrari   Spider 360 Ferrari
Web: http://valparaisomijas.com/bodas/index.asp?category=Ferrari_2013   -
Email : f1spider@hotmail.com Tel. :
610 73 68 63
Your Real Estate Agent in Mijas
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Watermead_Investmes   Phil Tracey
Web: http://rainbowrealty.es   -Mijas (Málaga)
Email : info@rainbowrealty.es Tel. :
0034 622 881 029
Our Lifetime Centres offer a range of day care facilities throughout Northamptonshire.
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Age_UK_Northamptonshire   Susie Davies
Web: http://www.ageuk.org.uk   -Northamptonshire
Email : susie.davies@acnorthants.org.uk Tel. : 01604 611 200
Lindhill were established with the primary objective to operate in the area of affordable housing property development. We specialise in the sourcing, management, financial appraisals and delivery of mixed-use property developments. Lindhill's approach is centered on working in partnership with all key stakeholders, Housing Associations, Local communities, Local Authority Housing and planning departments, Architects and Contractors. Lindhill has over 20 years experience in the private and public sector of property development. This experience has proven that a clear understanding by all parties to the objective of an affordable development is critical to the project’s success.
Company Contactperson
Lindhill   Gary Fitzpatrick
Web: http://lindhill.co.uk   SG6 4ET-Hertfordshire
Email : info@lindhill.co.uk Tel. : 01462 476 790
GWA was founded in 1992 by local businessman Gary Watts to provide businesses with the right vehicles at the right price, funded by the most suitable and cost-effective finance package available. His concept was to establish a professional and friendly service taking care of all aspects of vehicle purchase under one roof.
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GWA_Cars_and_Finance   Gary Young
Web: http://www.gwacars.com   PO20 7BX-Chichester
Email : GaryYoung@gwacars.com Tel. : 01243 510650
Barvic Decorators is a consulting firm in interior decoration and distributor of decorative products.
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Barvic_'Les_Decorateurs'   James Attias
Web: http://barvic.com/   -
Email : attias.pinas@barvic.com Tel. : (00 33) 01
We are located 4 miles from the A1 and ½ a mile from Chatton our local village. Our area is renowned for its stunning beaches and scenery. We are an ideal base for exploring the Northumberland countryside and coastline. Our great location offers easy access to the Cheviot Hills, Farne Islands, Holy Island, Alnwick Castle and Gardens, Bamburgh Castle, Berwick upon Tweed and much more.
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Chatton_Park_House   Paul Martinson
Web: http://chattonpark.com/   NE66 5RA-Northumberland
Email : info@northumberlandbedbreakfast.co.uk Tel. : 01668 215507
Car Service
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Skanderbord_Pava_Center   Alex Masters
Web: http://www.skanderborgpavacenter.dk   8660-Skanderborg
Email : skanderborg@pava.dk Tel. : 86 52 14 77
Electrical Items
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Chorley_Electrical   Ged Gallagner
Web: http://www.chorleyelectrical.com/   BL1 3NE- Bolton
Email : postmaster@chorleyelectrical.com Tel. : 01204535222
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MacFreeze   Berggen Berggen
Web: http://macfreeze.se/   -Kungsängen
Email : stefan@macfreeze.se Tel. :
The Rollixo RTS introduces a new control unit and a new range of RTS wall switches and remote handsets to suit your needs and surroundings. From the new Smoove wall switch through to the Telis remote, AlluGuard has an option for you.
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AlluGuard_Roller_Garage_Doors   PerGary Brooks
Web: http://alluguard.co.uk   S62 6FP-Rotherham
Email : g.brooks@alluguard.co.uk Tel. : 0845 366 5831
Chris & Claire Donald have many years experience of the running and fitness world between them and are passionate about running:
Company Contactperson
Purple_Patch_Running_Ltd.   Chris Donald
Web: http://purplepatchrunning.com   HP12 4SA-Buckinghamshire
Email : chris@purplepatchrunning.com Tel. : 01494 630759 / 07860 650579 / 07917 612127
In 1971 Per-Åke Wasberger founded the Wasberger company in Sweden. We have, since then, supplied the narrow web industry with machinery and systems. In 2004 we established the Grafotronic brand together with our partner Lesko Engineering.
Company Contactperson
Grafotronic   Mattias Malmquist
Web: http://grafotronic.se/   SE-261 22-Landskrona
Email : mm@grafotronic.se Tel. : +46 (0)708 875 646
Apax Funds have been one of the leading global investors in the Consumer space over several decades, investing in retail, consumer and leisure as well as digital consumer businesses.
Company Contactperson
Apax_Partners   Simone Dixon
Web: http://www.apax.com/contact-us/offices/london/   SW1Y 6DN -London
Email : simone.dixon@apax.com Tel. : +44 20 7872 6300
We specialise in providing affordable self catering holiday rentals only in the area that we specialise in, with all our staff having lived in the area for a minimum of 10 years!
Company Contactperson
Sol_Rentals   Kate Wright
Web: http://www.solrentals.co.uk/   -Costa del Sol
Email : info@solrentals.co.uk Tel. :
646 646 321
Travel Republic is a travel search website acting as agent only. Each product (e.g. flight, hotel or car hire) has its own price independent of any other products booked at the same time and creates a separate contract directly between you and the provider of that product. Travel Republic champions value, choice and flexibility and does not sell, organise or arrange package holidays.
Company Contactperson
Travel_Republic   Kate Hallam
Web: http://www.travelrepublic.com   -
Email : kateh@travelrepublic.com Tel. : 020 8974 7200
Thunder Road Café boasts award winning cocktail bar men meaning that your pleasure is paramount to us.
Company Contactperson
Thunder_Road_Café   Diane Diane Jackie Reddin
Web: http://thunderroadcafe.com/   -Dublin 2
Email : jackiereddin@thunderroadcafe.com/ Tel. : +353 1 6794057
Renault / Dacia / Nissan
Company Contactperson
Mackie_Motors   Mackie Kevin
Web: http://www.mackiemotors.com   DD9 6AY -Angus
Email : Kevin.mackie@mackiemotors.com Tel. : 01356 624 511
Byg Nyt Hus - Ingen kedelige Typehuse men Drømmehuse
Company Contactperson
Lind_&_Risør   Jesper Lind
Web: http://www.lr-hus.dk   2630 -Taastrup
Email : lr@lr-hus.dk Tel. : 43 32 20 00
Welcome to Mid Ulster Cars Whether you're looking for a new or used car, or would like to use our professional, competitively priced after care services, we can help you meet your motoring
Company Contactperson
Mid_Ulster_Cars_-_Toyota   PerNigel McGurk
Web: http://midulstercars.toyota.co.uk   BT80 8TL -Tyrone
Email : nigel@midulstercars.toyota.co.uk Tel. : 028 8649 4613
Personal, Family & Group policies. Get the right cover at the right price.
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DooleyInsurances   Mary Healy
Web: http://dooleyinsurances.ie   -
Email : mary@dooleyinsurances.com Tel. : 045 431642
On APMG qualification courses we currently enjoy a 100% pass rate on foundation examinations and are in the top 20% of ATO’s (Accredited Training Organisations) for practitioner passes.
Company Contactperson
Balance_Global   Kevin Brady
Web: http://balance-global.com   CR8 5BA.-Surrey
Email : kbrady@balance-global.com Tel. : 020 7148 4782
Spotlight Studios
Our state-of-the art studios are ideal for casting commercial, film and television projects.Our casting rooms are ideal for auditions, read-throughs, production meetings and interviews.
Company Contactperson
Spotlight_-_Professional_Acting   Ben Seale
Web: http://www.spotlight.com/   WC2H 7RJ-London
Email : ben@spotlight.com Tel. : 020 7437 7631
David Mairs Piano player, cruise liner ship, P&O Orianaavid, from Scotland, has been entertaining on the Costa del Sol for many years. His first instrument is piano and, before emigrating to Spain, played with many top bands in Scotland. His mix of music, from easy listening to Rock n Roll, is a firm favourite with residents and tourists alike.
Company Contactperson
Mairs_Entertainment   David Mairs
Web: http://mairsentertainment.com   -Lanarkshire
Email : nightmairsltd@hotmail.com Tel. : 0044 7939622020
in Spain: 0034 622006571
Bartham Group offer a creative design service from concept to final product making sure your company communicates your business to your chosen target audience. Our dedicated design team will make sure our working relationship is second to none ... great relationships build great concepts.
Company Contactperson
Bartham_Group   Steve Loasby
Web: http://barthamgroup.com   LU3 3BP-Luton
Email : steve@barthamgroup.com Tel. : 01582 573471
Steel Stockholders Commitment to Quality We manage our business in accordance with the documented systems and procedures which meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 best industry practice. Our staff are committed to providing the best possible quality of both product and services.
Company Contactperson
Phoenix_Steel   James Mullen
Web: http://www.phoenixsteel.co.uk/   NE31 1BD -Tyne & Wear
Email : jim.mullen@phoenixsteel.co.uk Tel. : 0191 4281 999
Seventwoseven designs ltd are a friendly, dynamic and cost effective consultancy providing architectural services to the retail, commercial and residential sectors throughout the UK.
Company Contactperson
Seven2Seven_Design   Tracey More
Web: http://www.seventwoseven.co.uk   -
Email : accounts@seventwoseven.co.uk Tel. :
Kavia Tooling specialises in the design and manufacture of precision injection mould tools. Combining years of design and toolmaking knowledge, alongside state of the art CAD/CAM technologies, we are able to offer the optimum solution in terms of component tool-design and performance.
Company Contactperson
Kabia_Tooling_Ltd.   Chris Cole
Web: http://www.kaviatooling.com   OL14 6UD-West Yorkshire
Email : c.cole@kaviatooling.com Tel. : 01706 816937
Saltmer Design are dedicated to providing the best in creative graphic design. We have invested more than two decades in perfecting techniques to eliminate common problems.
Company Contactperson
Saltmer_Design   Nick Saltmer
Web: http://saltmerdesign.co.uk   YO32 5AX -York
Email : nick@saltmerdesign.co.uk Tel. :
01904 499100
Oliver Insurance Services
Company Contactperson
OISNV_Insurances   Denice Oliver
Web: http://oisnv.com/   2610-Wirlijk
Email : denice@oisnv.com Tel. : 32-3-226 78 69
Besso is an independent management owned Lloyd's Broking group operating in the London Market for over 40 years - and prides itself on providing a dynamic service both to Clients and to Underwriters.
Company Contactperson
Besso_Insurance_Group_Limited   Graeme Nicoll
Web: http://www.besso.co.uk/   EC3N 2LY-London
Email : graeme.nicoll@besso.co.uk Tel. : 44 (0) 20 7480 1000
Bridges Pound provides full structural engineering design and detailing for all types of commercial buildings and structures from multi-storey offices to retail units to specialist research and development facilities.
Company Contactperson
Consulting_Engineers   KarineTony James
Web: http://www.bridgespound.co.uk   -
Email : amjames@bridgespound.co.uk Tel. :
Karrada is a reputable investment property consultancy and construction company, committed to providing professional, bespoke and creative solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. We have a diverse range of clients from all industries and look after projects through all stages of a property’s lifespan.
Company Contactperson
Building_a_Greater_London   KarineAli Mohammed
Web: http://karrada.com/   W14 0SH-London
Email : info@karrada.com Tel. : +44 (0)207 603 3129
Homeshop Good Living is, sinds 1999, het adres voor de complete inrichting van uw woonhuis. U kunt in onze webshop meer dan 2000 producten online bestellen!
Company Contactperson
Good_Living   Bob Offerman
Web: http://homeshopgoodliving.nl   -
Email : bob@homeshopgoodliving.nl Tel. : 06-53888182
Creat Stunning Websites
Company Contactperson
Creat_Stunning_Websites   Richard Marks
Web: http://business.hibu.com/   -
Email : richard.marks@hibu.com Tel. : 1-877-237-6120
We focus on integration, improving quality of development, improving efficiency of deployment, ease of use and profitability for partners and customers.
Company Contactperson
Profitable_Add-ons_for_Dynamics_NAV   Martyn Holterman
Web: http://idyn.nl/   4271-BV Dussen
Email : mholterman@idyn.nl Tel. : +31 85 111 00 27
We are an independent global consultancy offering a range of services to the construction and property industry.
Company Contactperson
Gardiner_&_Theobald   Ali Hay
Web: http://www.gardiner.com   10117 -Berlin
Email : a.hay@gardiner.com Tel. :
City Distribution Ltd is a wholesale distributor of bathroom products to the retail industry.
Company Contactperson
Cisty_Distribution   Kevin Smith
Web: http://citydistribution.co.uk   FY4 5PZ-Lancashire
Email : kevin@cityditribution.co.uk Tel. : 01253 603 990
Welcome to The Elite Carriage Company, offering huge savings on used cars in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Close to the Hampshire and Dorset borders, The Elite Carriage Co, Can Provide very low rates of finance, please gives us a call so we can give you a quote. Most of the cars and 4x4's are hand picked so if you want something a bit different Elite Carriage Co is the place to come!! Hope To See You Soon!!
Company Contactperson
The_Elite_Carriage_Company   Pete Farmer
Web: http://www.theelitecarriageco.co.uk/   SP5 3AR-Salisbury
Email : pete@elitecarriageco.co.uk Tel. : 01722 711335
Gilletts Callington Ltd is one of the largest Independent retailers in the U.K. and the largest operating in the South of England with stores located throughout Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset that all trade under the SPAR banner.
Company Contactperson
Gilletts_Callington_Ltd_   John Gilletts Callington Ltd
Web: http://www.gillettsspar.com/   PL17 8QS-Cornwall
Email : j.gillet@spargcl.co.uk Tel. : 01579 382912 / 383070
The full range of Modular Shop Fixtures and storage equipment is distributed by Interior Shopfitters Ltd from our head office and warehouse located in New Addington, Croydon. Established for over 40 years we have accumulated a vast expertise in all aspects of the shopfitting and storage industry. We are proud of our track record in achieving and maintaining customer satisfaction in all accounts how ever large or small.
Company Contactperson
Web: http://interiorshopfitters.co.uk   BR2 6AR-Keston
Email : mark@interiorshopfitters.co.uk Tel. : 08434 87 87 75
We are a British run, Malaga based company who specialise in Airport/ Golf transfers and group transfers from Malaga Airport to the Costa del Sol and the whole of Andalucía.
Company Contactperson
B-Met_Airport_Transfers   Wendy McGnty
Web: http://b-met.com/   29120-Alhaurin el Grande,
Email : info@b-met.com Tel. :
(0034) 697 380 926
George Beattie & Sons Ltd was founded in 1990 and following in the Beattie family foot-steps involved in the demolition industry for many years, is recognised throughout the construction industry in connection with demolition work of all types. With the passing of each year previous records have been broken and we are recognised as a company dedicated to providing work standards beyond question.
Company Contactperson
Beattie_Demolition   Peter G. Beattie
Web: http://www.beattie-demolition.com   G65 0SA-Glasgow
Email : info@beattie-demolition.com Tel. : 01236 823 160
Our first kitchen showroom opened in La Cala de Mijas in 2001 and has an extensive selection of kitchens. Our second showroom opened in Marbella in 2012 and has become extremely popular with clients living in the western side of the Costa del Sol. Why not visit us and explore the kitchens available today?
Company Contactperson
Cocinas_Plus   Jacquie Taylor
Web: http://www.cocinasplus.com/en/   -Mijas Costa
Email : jacquie@cocinaspls.com Tel. : +34 952 58 77 59
Claremont Executive Services Ltd are leaders in the field of Chauffeur driven car hire in London and personal chauffeur hire in London and offer a wide array of services.
Company Contactperson
Claremont_Executive_Services_Ltd   Glyn Redgrave
Web: http://www.claremontexecutive.com   UB3 4SH-Middlesex
Email : info@claremontexecutive.com Tel. : +44 (0)20 8756 4900
A management team with over 50 years combined building experience dedicated to putting you the customer first, from an idea to completion. Working in direct contact with our client and any professional bodies required to complete your project on time and to budget.
Company Contactperson
Brian_Power_Building   Brian Power
Web: http://brianpowerbuilding.co.uk   SE10 8NX -London
Email : brian@brianpowerbuilding.co.uk Tel. : 0208 856 6182
07855 790738
We produce artisan cast iron radiators right here in England and sell direct to our customers; there are no middlemen between us and you.
Company Contactperson
Castrads   Chris Baylis
Web: http://www.castrads.com   SK5 6PH-Stockport
Email : chris@castrads.com Tel. : 0161 439 9350
Consulting Process Engineers
Company Contactperson
BA-ssociates   Brian Hartwell
Web: http://ba-associates.co.uk/   YO8 3YF -Selby, North Yorkshire
Email : brian.hartwell@ba-associates.co.uk Tel. : 01757 269170
Maya Shane worthy heir to the song "Franco Orientale". Author, composer, interpreter, she carries a love song tolerance of peace but also of celebration.
Company Contactperson
Maya_Shane   Jack Bancarel
Web: http://mayashane.com   -Paris
Email : mayashane@orange.fr Tel. :
(0033) 609323683
Van Eldik B.V. is established in Ter-Aar (near Alphen aan den Rijn, Leiden, Amsterdam). Van ELDIK machines B.V. purchase and sale of used conventional mechanical-machines, tools and storage-systems.
Company Contactperson
Van_ELDIK_machines_B.V._   Rudolf van Eldik
Web: http://www.vaneldik.com   2461 -EX Ter Aar
Email : info@vaneldik.com Tel. : +31 172 605368
+31 172 604744
Windows - Doors - Blinds - Protection Insects - Sunscreens
Company Contactperson
Schuster_Erich_Gmbh   Kathy Bernard Szamm
Web: http://www.schuster-erich-gmbh.de   D-41462 -Neuss
Email : info@schuster-erich-gmbh.de Tel. : (+49) 2131-9396044
We are a construction company and general renovation, rehabilitation of buildings, maintenance of communities throughout the Costa del Sol, Malaga.
Company Contactperson
NED_Piramides_SL   Frank van Krimpen
Web: http://nedpiramide.com/   29651-Mijas
Email : info@nedpiramide.com/ Tel. : +34 951 135 973
+34 628 111 989
Over 144 million people visit our sites every year
Company Contactperson
Friday_Media_Group   Sam Kidger
Web: http://fridaymediagroup.com/   BN6 9HS-Common, Sussex
Email : sam.kidger@fridaymediagroup.com Tel. : +44 (0)1273 837700
How to Find Us
Kimmerston stables are situated by Wooler and Milfield at the foot of the Cheviot Hills, Northumberland near the Scottish Borders.
You can reach us by phone, letter or e-mail using the details below or, better still, fill in our enquiry form to tell us exactly what you would like for your riding holiday of a lifetime.
Company Contactperson
KIMMERSTON_RIDING_CENTRE   Dickie and Jane Jeffreys
Web: http://kimmerston.com   NE71 6JH Kimmerston horses and ponies are always -Northumberland
Email : jane@kimmerston.com Tel. : +44 (0)1668 216283
This is an Edwardian Country house at the entrance to the College Valley. The house is half way between Wooler and Kirk Yetholm and ideally situated to explore the Northern Cheviot hills. We have lived here for over 40 years and this is our family home.
We like to think that we offer old fashioned hospitality. A warm welcome and tea with cakes or scones beside a log fire. Good cooking which often uses our own produce and a comfortable bed to fall into. Please read our Trip Advisor reviews - to see what our previous guests think.
Company Contactperson
Hethpool_House_B&B   Eildon Letts
Web: http://www.hethpoolhouse.co.uk   NE71 6TW-Northumberland
Email : eildon@hethpoolhouse.co.uk Tel. : (44) (0)1668 - 216232
Holmes O'Malley Sexton, Solicitors are a leading Irish law firm dedicated to delivering a timely, friendly, cost effective service in a complete range of commercial and personal legal services.
Company Contactperson
Homs_Solicitors   Gerard McNamara
Web: http://homs.ie   3007 -Limerick
Email : gerard.mcnamara@homs.ie Tel. : +353 (0)61 313222
London Bobby Entertainment Toronto, Canada
Company Contactperson
London_Bobby   Bob Smith
Web: http://londonbobby.com   -
Email : bob@londonbobby.com Tel. : Tel: (+1 Canada) 416-206-8562
Mobile: (+34 Spain) 610 191 787
Founded in 2009, Flagstone Consultants is an independent trusted business advisor working exclusively with growing companies to help them realise and maximise their potential. We provide business advisory, financial and corporate finance consulting to a broad range of clients with high potential companies who wish to build scaleable businesses and are in the early stages of their development.
Company Contactperson
Flagstone_Consultants   Maurice O'Brien
Web: http://flagstoneconsultants.com   -Co. Dublin
Email : maurice@flagstoneconsultants.com Tel. : +353 1 8395677
Heavy connstruction and transports
Company Contactperson
Carl_C.Fon   Jan Eirik Bomnes
Web: http://carlcfon.no   3241 -Sandefjord
Email : carlcfon@carlcfon.no Tel. : 33 48 74 50
Tensor plc has a history of inventing, designing and manufacturing world-class products in the areas security and energy management.
Company Contactperson
Tensor_plc   Nigel Smith
Web: https://www.tensor.co.uk/   PE19 5JY-Cambs
Email : nsmith@yensor.com Tel. :
+44 (0)1480 215530
The Delton Group is one of the leading Technical Recruitment and Training Consultancies. Providing Manpower, Training and Consultancy services to the Worldwide Energy Industry.
Company Contactperson
The_Delton_Group   Bruce Livesley
Web: http://www.deltongroup.com/   PR1 3NA-Preston
Email : brucelivesley@deltongroup.com Tel. : +44 (0) 1772 884545
Since over one decade KM Marbella Real Estate has been considered as one of the most trusted Real Estate agencies in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol.
Company Contactperson
Marbella_Immobilien_|_KM_Marbella   John Milne
Web: http://kmmarbella.com   29604 -Marbella, Málaga
Email : john@kmmarbella.com Tel. : (+34) 952 831 536
(+34) 606 607 962
We offer a high quality, personalised investment management service that aims to meet the individual demands of today’s private and professional investors. Designed to help guide our clients through the increasingly complex investment world, our personalised approach draws on traditional client service values in a world where individual investment manager discretion is often replaced by a process-driven response.
Company Contactperson
JM_Finn_&_Co   Jackie Smith
Web: http://www.jmfinn.com   EC2R 5TA-London
Email : jackie.smith@jmfinn.com Tel. : 020 7600 1660
020 7600 1661
At CUC Engineering we have 25 advanced injection moulding machines both fully automatic as well as manually operated, and we are constantly keeping us up to date on the latest in peripherals to achieve the most effective and faultless production process as possible.
Company Contactperson
CUC_ENGINEERING_A/S   Morten Rasmussen
Web: http://cuc.dk   DK-4200 -Slagelse
Email : mr@cuc.dk Tel. : +45 58 50 05 22
Classic Sportswear is a family run business.The company was set up by former Cardiff City footballer Wayne Matthews and Wife Linda. Son Jay now runs the graphic design department and web site.
Company Contactperson
Classic_Sportswear_Ltd   Waybe Matthews
Web: http://www.classicsportswear.co.uk/   CF5 5AD-CARDIFF
Email : sales@classicsportswear.co.uk Tel. : 029 2056 9848
Our family run business is based on service, with years of experience we pride ourselves on attention to detail. With a well earned reputation for reliability our customers can be assured of receiving a professional and high quality service. We work closely with you to ensure we go the extra mile for your business and success.
Company Contactperson
KGT_Logistics_N/W_Ltd.   Karen Ger
Web: http://kgtlogistics.co.uk   WA11 9UX-Haydock
Email : karen@kgtlogistics.co.uk Tel. : 01942 386287
01536 330222
Berasa Consulting Inmobiliario, es una empresa joven que elije la ciudad de Fuengirola para poder desarrollar la experiencia que tiene en el mercado inmobiliario. Le agradecemos de antemano la atención que nos ha dedicado en la consulta de nuestra página y en espera de haber satisfecho su atención.
Company Contactperson
Berasa_Consulting   Rama Sanchez Benito
Web: http://www.berasaconsulting.es/   29640-Fuengirola (Málaga)
Email : info@berasaconsulting.es Tel. : 951 21 21 28
610 55 56 57
Mountview Estates P.L.C. is a Property Trading Company. The Company owns and acquires tenanted residential property throughout the UK and sells such property when it becomes vacant.
Company Contactperson
Mountview_Estates_P.L.C._   Joy Peck
Web: http://www.mountviewplc.co.uk/   N14 6EW-London
Email : jxp@mountviewplc.co.uk Tel. : +44 (0) 20-8920 5777
Next to the A58 at Berkel- Enschot you will find, centrally located, hotel, restaurant and congress centrum ‘De Druiventros’. Ideally situated, large carpark, facilities, professionalismen and enthousiastic employees make this accomodation a unique and appealing location. With the friendly hospitality of Brabant we promise a pleasant stay!
Company Contactperson
Hotel_restaurant_de_Druiventros   Bob Zoontjens
Web: http://www.druiventros.nl/   5056 -PP Berkel-Enschot
Email : info@druiventros.nl Tel. : +31 (0)13 533 91 15
A wide range of prints for any taste. Everything you need in one place!Hundreds of fantastic framed graphics just a click away
Company Contactperson
Project_Framing   Russell Brenner
Web: http://www.projectframing.com   W4 5PY UK -LOndon
Email : russell@projectframing.com Tel. : + 44 (0)20 8747 3111
We have over 50 years experience in interior industry and helps architects, contractors and flooring contractors with the right choices. We have 7 experienced employees who will help with advice on materials, colors and design possibilities. High level of service and trust are our goal.
Company Contactperson
Om_Erik_W._Andersen_AS   Erik W.Andersen
Web: http://www.ewa.no   4034 -Stavanger
Email : erik.w@ewa.no Tel. : 51 81 42 00
HTH's salespeople are experts in making kitchen dreams into reality. Book for free a meeting with us. When we've got a few details we will contact you. And agreements further.
Company Contactperson
HTH_Køkkenforum_Kolding   Jesperq Andreasen
Web: http://www.hth.dk   6000-Kolding
Email : jean@hth.dk Tel. : +45 75 53 10 00
When it comes to food packaging there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration; the hygiene requirements, how the packaging will be disposed, what the packaging will be used for and much more.
Company Contactperson
R+R_Packaging_Ltd   Steven Boon
Web: http://www.rrpackaging.co.uk   NE23 1WG-Cramlington, Northumberland
Email : steven@rrpackaging.co.uk Tel. : 01670 546 666
Company Contactperson
Kvalitetsregnskap_A.Kvernmo   Arne
Web: www.kvalitetsregnskap.no   9528-TROMSØ
Email : arne@kvalitetsregnskap.no Tel. : 77 64 19 00
414 00 104
A leading privately owned refurbishment contractor with a wealth of experience and expertise spanning over 35 years...
Company Contactperson
County_Contractors   Keren Mercer
Web: www.countycontractors.co.uk   BS22 6HA-Weston-Super-Mare
Email : km@countycontractors.co.uk Tel. : 01934 523 000
Established over 40 years ago and located in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, we provide accountancy and business services to individuals, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies throughout the North of England.
Company Contactperson
Seaman_Herbert_&_Co   Kevin Hirst
Web: http://accountantsinyorkshire.co.uk   S70 1TL-Barnsley
Email : k.hirst@seamanherbert.com Tel. : 01226 299 962
Norway Seafoods is one of Europe’s largest providers of whitefish solutions. At Norway Seafoods employees and partners aim to provide affordable quality products utilizing fish and other seafood in a sustainable way.
Company Contactperson
Norway_Sea_Food   Miachael Nielsen
Web: http://www.norwayseafoods.com/   0258-Oslo
Email : michael.nielsen@norwayseafoods.com Tel. : +47 76 06 20 00
Welcome to dublinsouthfm.ie, where you will find information on your favourite Dublin South FM programmes and presenters, as well as learn a little about what community radio is. On dublinsouthfm, you’ll be able to look up our schedule, listen to us live, or listen back to podcasts of the shows you’ve missed!
Company Contactperson
Dublin_South_FM   Jim McCann McGuirk
Web: http://dublinsouthfm.ie   -Dublin 16
Email : info@dublinsouthfm.ie Tel. :
Restaurant 'Olivias La Cala'
Company Contactperson
Restaurant_'Olivias_La_Cala'   David Gallogher
Web: http://oliviaslacala.com/   -Mijas
Email : chef@oliviaslacala.com Tel. : 0034 608 784 367
Company Contactperson
Digital_Printing   Ian Savage
Web: http://www.iqdigitalhouse.com/   GU12 4XB-Hampshire
Email : ian@iqdigitalhouse.com/ Tel. : +44 (0)1252 319691
We work with our customers to meet there needs, be it building contractors or private home owners, we can supply and fit your home with the system which best suits your needs. Central heating systems to the design of new bathrooms. We can offer a competitive service backed with our quality and professionalism.
Company Contactperson
KRS_Mechanical_Services_LTD   Corinne Mander
Web: http://krsmech.co.uk   WS13 8EX-Lichfield
Email : corinne@krsmech.co.uk Tel. : 0844 811 1485
xonico developments recognises the need for future housing together with commercial accommodation and the opportunity it presents for our investors and partners.
Company Contactperson
Xonico_Developments   Jason Smith
Web: http://xonicodevelopments.com   NW6 6RD-London
Email : jason@xonicodevelopments.com Tel. : +44 (0) 208 969 9224
DNV GL’s shared roots stretch back to 1864, when Det Norske Veritas (DNV) was founded as a membership organisation in Oslo. Norway’s mutual marine insurance clubs banded together to establish a uniform set of rules and procedures, used in assessing the risk of underwriting individual vessels. The group aimed to provide “reliable and uniform classification and taxation of Norwegian ships”.
Company Contactperson
DNV_GL   Jostein Furnes
Web: http://dnvgl.com/   1363-Høvik
Email : jostein.furnes@dnvgl.com Tel. : +47 6757 9900
The Stibo group is a global operator of leading information management and printing companies
Company Contactperson
Stibo_companies:_   Tim Bon
Web: http://www.stibo.com/Home-10.aspx   DK-8270-Højbjerg
Email : timbon@stibo.com Tel. : +45 8939 8888
+45 8939 8800
Selskapet har siden oppstart gitt en betydelig bedre avkastning enn Oslo Børs Hovedindeks hvor all forvaltning forestås av forvaltere ansatt i selskapet.
Company Contactperson
Spar_Kapital_Investor_AS   Inge Furu
Web: http://www.sparkapital.no/   0271-Oslo
Email : inged@sparkapital.no Tel. : 22 70 89 20
Kane Group dates back to 1983 when, from humble beginnings the business became established in providing a loose muck away service and began to merchant all types of aggregate. The business grew steadily over the early years and moved into contracting, initially bulk earthworks and later demolition and recycling.
Company Contactperson
Kane_Group   Andrew Kane
Web: http://kane-group.co.uk   AL3 6NW-St Albans
Email : andy.kane@kane-group.co.uk Tel. : 01727 733600
BT Construction er en virksomhed der lægger vægt på kvalitet og troværdighed. Derfor er det også vigtigt for dem at fremstå åbne og overskuelige. Sammen med mwork, fandt de en designløsning der uden mørke kroge giver deres kunder et kort og enkelt overblik over hvad de bygger på. Det er kommunikationen og afstemning af forventninger der skaber det resultat der ønskes, men som ikke altid kendes 100% på forhånd. Det er der hvor BT Construction rådgiver deres kunder. Det er også der hvor vi hos mwork rådgiver vores kunder. Da vi i Online Supplies sidste gang planlagde at opgradere vores WebShop, faldt valget på mwork som leverandør på designsiden. Jeg forventede høj kvalitet, en god dialog omkring forventninger og da vi ikke mindst tilbyder vores kunder mulighed for væsentlige besparelser via vores lave prissætning, kunne det jo ikke nytte at hjemmesiden kostede en formue.
Company Contactperson
MWORK   Michael Meisnow
Web: http://mwork.dk   2635 -Ishøj
Email : mm@mwork.dk Tel. : 34 38 45 76
Van Orsouw Kunststoffen is specializing in plastic injection molding products for over 35 years. Everybody product is custom made for each customer. This is also called custom molding. The entire process, from the design of the mold to the realization of the product is done by van Orsouw Kunststoffen. This is possible because of the fact van Orsouw Kunststoffen can make its own molds. This fact always makes the lines of communication short and direct, so you are properly informed of the progress.
Company Contactperson
Van_Orsouw_Kunststoffen   Frank van Orsouw
Web: http://www.vanorsouwkunststoffen.nl   5652 AC-Eindhoven
Email : fvanorsouw@vanorsouwkunststoffen.nl Tel. : 040-2517502
Sweden’s largest entertainment group, Stureplansgruppen is active across the restaurant, entertainment, congress, contract catering, hotel and experience industries in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Visby, Västerås and Åre. The company provides unique integrated solutions underpinned by a business idea which focuses on creating service-orientated meeting places and delivering premium quality entertainment experiences through a keen insight into the lifestyle and entertainment needs of its guests. - See more at: http://stureplansgruppen.se/en/about-us/#sthash.bBVOePWr.dpuf
Company Contactperson
Stureplansgruppen   Bjorn Sandell
Web: http://stureplansgruppen.se   114 83-Stockholm
Email : bjorn.sandell@stureplansgruppen.se Tel. : +46-8-545 076 00
¡El sitio lider de ventas privadas a precio de coste!
Company Contactperson
La_société_SELECTSALES_Corp.Ltd..   Harry Attias
Web: privatefloor.com   SW7 4ET-London
Email : admin@privatefloor.com Tel. : +(44) 20 7164 6239.
G. Pritchard Contractors was founded in 1987 by the present management. Over the years the company has gradually grown and has now established a good reputation with some major companies.
Company Contactperson
Pritchard_Contractors_Ltd.   Gary Pritchard
Web: http://pritchard.uk.com/   DA1 4BF -Dartford
Email : gary@pritchard.uk.com Tel. : 01322 555 250
Under the stewardship of the Ronayne family the Mainport Group trades in South America, the Middle East, Africa, Malaysia and the European Union. The fleet consists of 10 vessels, including Tugs, Platform Supply vessels, and Seismic Support and Chase vessels. Mainport currently employs 200 people covering its shipping, stevedoring, agency operations and worldwide crew.
Company Contactperson
Irish_Mainport_Holdings   Michael Ronayne
Web: http://www.mainport.ie   -Cork
Email : lwalsh@mainport.ie Tel. : +353 21 4317900
Norland provides a full suite of facilities, energy and project management services throughout the UK, Ireland, EMEA, the US and APAC We offer mechanical & electrical engineering, building fabric maintenance and all soft services (front-of-house, cleaning, security, grounds, catering etc) which can be delivered as part of an integrated managed service. We also provide specialist maintenance services for critical environments such as data centres and clean-rooms.
Company Contactperson
Norland_Managed_Services_Ltd   Garry Twomey
Web: http://www.norlandmanagedservices.co.uk   SE1 1RU-London
Email : gerry.twomey@norlandmanagedservices.co.uk Tel. : 020 7871 9100
APA Systems Ltd is a privately owned Irish company founded in 1975. We are a market leader in the supply of aluminium façade and window systems for use in the Irish and UK markets. We employ over 80 people and are located in Dublin.
Company Contactperson
APA_Systems_Ltd.,_Unit_12,_   Nnly Lopyd
Web: http://www.apasystems.ie   -Dublin 12
Email : nnlloyd@apasystems.ie Tel. : 00353 (0) 1 4509102
Established in Manchester 1995, Turner Parkinson is a business law firm with market leading strength in offering commercial advice to businesses and business owners. To us everything and everyone matters.
Company Contactperson
Turner_Parkinson_LLP_   Hollins Chambers, 64a Bridge Street,
Web: http://www.tp.co.uk/   M3 3BA-Manchester
Email : mark@tp.co.uk Tel. : +44 (0)161 833 1212
Annascaul House is a family run Bed and Breakfast situated in the heart of Annascaul village, Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry, Ireland. It is nestled along the Wild Atlantic Way and only 15 minutes away from Dingle town.
Company Contactperson
Annascaul_House   Noel Spillane
Web: http://annascaulhouse.ie/   D03 W5N0-Dublin
Email : info@annascaulhouse.ie Tel. : 087 2184757
Dublin's Leading Castle Hotel in Ireland
Celebrate, chill out, or relish in a little of both. The Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin, Ireland is a perfect blend of a boutique and luxury hotel, providing unique style and exceptional service in comfortable surroundings. This unique luxury hotel in Dublin is well thought out from the guests' point of view by providing a modern aesthetic built around an ancient form.
Company Contactperson
Clontarf_Castle_Hotel_   Cormac Rosé
Web: http://www.clontarfcastle.ie   D03 W5N0 -Dublin 3
Email : crose@clontarfcastle.ie Tel. : + 353 (0)1 8332321
Daryl Herbert is a state registered osteopath whose Chingford Osteopathy Practice has now been established for twenty-four years in North East London, E4. The Churchill Medical Centre was purpose built in 1996, comprising of an NHS GP clinic and Daryl Herbert & Associates, which is situated in one third of the building, incorporating a full time osteopathy practice and part-time clinics for acupuncture, hypnotherapy, massage, reflexology, nutrition & dietetics & therapeutic counselling.
Company Contactperson
Churchill_Medical_Centre   Daryl Herbert
Web: http://www.dh-o.com   E4 8DG-London
Email : daryl@dh-o.com Tel. : 020 8524 1505
Sunbaba has been helping its clients to brand their events around the UK and Europe for nearly two decades. The branding that we provide often shapes the public image and perception of an event, communicating its logo, messages and key details to its audience on a large scale.
Company Contactperson
Sunbaba_London   Trevor Booth
Web: http://www.sunbaba.co.uk   CB8 9XA-Suffolk
Email : trevor@sunbaba.co.uk Tel. : 01638 507 684
NJ Power & CO established in 1990 is one of Irelands foremost suppliers of water pumps systems and fountain equipment within the republic of Ireland. We have an enviable product portfolio of world renowned brands with products sources from UK, Europe, USA and ASIA.
Company Contactperson
NJ_Power_&_CO   Niall Power
Web: http://njpower.ie   -Dublin 12
Email : niall@njpower.ie Tel. : 353 (1) 456 4099
Yrityshaku toimii kuten ennenkin, mutta Suomen Yrittäjien jäsenille on tarjolla paljon lisäpalveluita.
Company Contactperson
Tmi_Sakari_Saukkonen   Sakari Saukkonen
Web: http://synergia.yrittajat.fi   00210 -Helsinki
Email : sakarianterosaukkonen@gmail.com Tel. :
High Speed Internet and related services. For over 10 years our personal service has attracted business from varying sectors and sizes, from homeworkers, estate/letting agents, retail, manufacturing to automotive and property management companies with £8m in sales and charities with over £20m in turnover.
Company Contactperson
Firefly_Internet   James Ferguson
Web: http://www.fireflyuk.net   ML4 3NQ-North Lanarkshire
Email : jlferguson@fireflyuk.net Tel. : 0141 530 3644
Here you can find tailored educational content and best practices for your most important business decisions. Find on-demand webinars and white papers about ERP, CRM, and managed technology services produced by Revolution Group and partners.
Company Contactperson
Revolution_Group_Knowledge_Center   Polly Clavijo
Web: http://www.revolutiongroup.com   43082-Ohio
Email : pclavijo@revolutiongroup.com Tel. : 1.614.212.1111
Manic Butterfly Productions is a film production company with a point of difference. We pride ourselves on being able to make life easier for UK production companies, record labels, advertising agencies and directors when shooting films, commercials or promos abroad.
Company Contactperson
Manic_Butterfly_Productions   Jackie Green
Web: http://www.manicbutterflyproductions.com   -
Email : jackie@manicbutterflyproductions.com Tel. : +44 (0)7702 903 663
For over 30 years we have focussed with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its effects on health. If even weak environmental influences affect the regeneration of the body and consequently its ability to fight disease, then the basis for health is significantly jeopardized. With the successful health recovery of patients as our goal, we developed our own technology and approach. We treat the causes, not the symptoms!
Company Contactperson
GeoVital   Steve Hough
Web: http://geovital.com/   -
Email : steve.hough@geovital.com Tel. : http://geovital.com/
Enjoy superfast broadband with DOCSIS® 3 technology. Our customers have been streaming, downloading, gaming and emailing their socks off, using a breathtaking 50% more data this year. Your speed boost will keep up the pace, giving you the speed that keeps you in love with being online. It’s all thanks to DOCSIS® 3 technology – it’s the magic in our cables.
Company Contactperson
Virgin_Media   Sandra Lavery
Web: virginmedia.com   W1D 2HY-Lndon
Email : sandralavery@virginmedia.com Tel. :
Completely refurbished modern apartment conveniently located just a few minutes away from the beautiful mountain village of Mijas Pueblo. Set in a small quiet complex with lush gardens, large pool, sun terraces and tennis court. £300 per week - low season. £350 per week - high season.
Company Contactperson
Mijas_Village   Colin Thompson
Web: http://www.mijasvillage.com/   29650-Mijas
Email : info@mijasvillage.com Tel. : +44(0) 7710 804 500
We specialise in PRINTED ENVELOPES (including Freepost Envelopes, Business Reply Envelopes), NCR Invoice Books, NCR Receipt Books and Presentation Folders.
Company Contactperson
Trade_Printing_Group_Limited   Colin Thompson
Web: http://tradeprintinguk.com   BT36 4PU-Newtownabbey
Email : colin@tradeprintinguk.com Tel. : 028 9084 1234
BricKKiln is currently the leading provider in Waste Management and Civil Engineering Operations in the North West Area.
Company Contactperson
BricKKiln_   Thomas Mc Glinchey
Web: http://brickkiln.com   BT47-Derry
Email : tommy@brickkiln.com Tel. :
Newton Fallowell are proud to be one of the largest and most successful estate agents in the East Midlands. We currently have 28 residential sales and lettings branches stretching from Burton on Trent in the west to Boston in the east and from Leicester in the south to Retford in the north, an area of some 800 square miles.
Company Contactperson
Newton_Fallowell   Andrew Derry
Web: http://www.newtonfallowell.co.uk   NG31 6NR-Lincolnshire
Email : andrew.derry@newtonfallowell.co.uk Tel. : 01476 848754
With thirty years experience in the construction and management of holiday resorts and holiday homes, Heritage Resorts & Hotels offer a unique portfolio of fine holiday and leisure destinations. Providing the finest selection of holidays for all the family, all year.
Company Contactperson
Heritage_Resorts   Nicholas Pratt
Web: http://www.heritageresorts.com/   -
Email : nicpratt@heritageresorts.com Tel. : +34 952 839 190
Communication Is the key by today for anyone who is involved and very much related with the image world, therefore and from this pages, we Invite all our visitors (thanks very much to anyone using a little part of precious time to visit this website), to contact us, whatever the matter should be, and ask questions, show doubts, make queries or anything.
Company Contactperson
Sketch_System_Consulting_SL   Ernesto de la Fuente
Web: http://www.sketch.es   28995-Madrid
Email : ernesto@sketch.es Tel. : (+34) 91 517 85 31
(+34) 609 294 000
TurnHill AB startade sin verksamhet 1998 för att tillgodose kunder med legotillverkning inom skärande bearbetning. Sedan starten har vi samlat på oss en bred kompetens tillsammans med en modernt utvecklad CNC-maskinpark.
Company Contactperson
Om_TurnHill_   Stig Astrom
Web: http://turnhill.se   931 36-Skellefteå
Email : stig@turnhill.se Tel. : 0910-73 34 15
070-690 97 10
Specialists on building physics, heat transfer and software development
Company Contactperson
Blocon   Thomas Blomberg
Web: http://blocon.se   S-224 75-Lund
Email : info@blocon.se Tel. :
Roseview Windows are the UK's leading sash window manufacturer
Company Contactperson
SPICGEM_Ltd   Steve Bygrave
Web: http://roseview.co.uk/   MK46 5EA-Bucks
Email : steve.bygrave@roseview.co.uk Tel. : 01234 712 657
Our consulting methodology has been tailored for the needs of the dynamic mid-market, achieving genuine stakeholder engagement and facilitating rapid change.
Company Contactperson
Acora_Agile_Advisory_Services   Mark Rus
Web: http://www.acora.com   RH15 9TN-West Sussex
Email : mrus@cora.com Tel. : +44 1444 221123
Car sales in Denmark
Company Contactperson
Autoforum_Middellfart   Preben Pedersen
Web: http://www.autoforum-middelfart.dk/   5500 -Middelfart
Email : pp@autoforum-middelfart.dk Tel. : 64 41 42 30
Over the last few days RUAG Space has delivered an antenna system for one of the world's currently largest and most expensive space projects - the international James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). This project is the scientific successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.
Company Contactperson
RUAG_Space_AB   Davide Manco
Web: http://www.ruag.com   -412 76-Göteborg
Email : davide.manco@ruag.com Tel. : +46 31 735 0000
Adventure Golf is a golf themed putting game that all ages can enjoy. It gives a really good test of putting skill for the better golfer and indeed golfers of all standards and also encourages those whose interest and expertise in golf and putting has yet to be revealed! Anyone can putt, but it is a real skill to master.
Company Contactperson
Fuengirola_Adventure_Golf   Mick Redhead
Web: http://www.fuengirolaadventuregolf.com   29640-Fuengirola
Email : mickredhead9@hotmail.com Tel. : 951 26 00 67
We are one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news and information to a global audience.
Company Contactperson
NBC_Universal   Phil Setterfield
Web: http://www.nbcuniversal.com   WC2H 8NU-London
Email : Phillip.Setterfield@nbcuni.com Tel. : +44 203 618 5322
+44 7920 821128
To provide the best bonsai trees, tools, pots. accessories and service to our customers. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in our bonsai products.
Company Contactperson
Yuniku_Bonsai   Robert Macnair
Web: http://bonsai-spain-espana.com   -Alhaurin El Grande
Email : info@bonsai-spain-espana.com Tel. :
+34 615 960 305
Scanoffice Oy is an 1984 established company in Finland specialised in heat pumps and air treatment products. We are importers and wholesalers covering the whole of Finnish market.
Company Contactperson
Scanoffice_Oy   IanAnne Sandberg
Web: http://scanoffice.fi   FI-01720 -Vantaa
Email : anne.sandberg@scanoffice.fi Tel. : +358 9 290 2240
Your financial wellbeing is our prime concern
We are passionate about doing the best job for our clients. In fact our business is driven by what our clients want, not the other way round.
Company Contactperson
Jordan_Financial_Management   Georgina Jordan
Web: http://jordanfm.co.uk   B74 2NJ-West Midlands
Email : georgina@jordanfm.co.uk Tel. : 0121 321 3055
If you’re looking to hire an Ice Cream Van for your event or for any other reason then Piccadilly Whip are here to help you. We’ve been operating our fleet of Ice Cream vans for over 50 years throughout London and the South-East of England.
Company Contactperson
Piccadilly_Whip   John Bonar
Web: http://piccadillywhip.com   RM15 5BA-South Ockendon
Email : info@piccadillywhip.com Tel. : 01708 671100
07956 525768
Nestled in the heart of the championship golf course you will find our luxury hotel which is ideal for golfing holidays, short breaks and the corporate traveller.
Company Contactperson
Dudsbury_Golf_Club_Hotel_and_Spa   Sarah Armour
Web: http://www.dudsburygolfclub.co.uk   BH22 8ST-Dorset
Email : admin@dudsburygolfclub.co.uk Tel. : 01202 593499
01202 594555
Modern Luxury Shopping
Company Contactperson
Matches_Fshion   Elvin Imam
Web: http://matchesfashion.com   SW4 7DD-
Email : elvin.imam@matchesfashion.com Tel. : 0845 6025 612
SOS Insurance is an independent insurance agency providing a wide array of insurance products Auto, Homeowners, Life, Health, Commercial, and more...
Company Contactperson
SOS_Insurance   Irene Beatty
Web: http://www.sosinsurance.com   CA 92660-Newport Beach
Email : irene@sosinsurance.org Tel. : P: 888.885. SAVE ( 7283) , 877. SOS 9 SOS ( 767. 9
Quinn London Ltd was founded in 2000 by our Managing Director, Seamus Quinn, with the aim to deliver quality construction solutions across London and the south of England.
Company Contactperson
Quinn_London_Ltd   Seamus Quinn
Web: http://www.quinnlondon.co.uk   NW7 2HX-Londond
Email : seamus@quinnlondon.co.uk Tel. : 20 7240 6547
REIM comes from words Real Estate Investment and Management. REIM Group was founded in year 1988, though the oldest company of the group was founded already in year 1966. Also many of the companies in the group have gone past their 25th anniversaries.
Company Contactperson
REIM_Real_Estate_Investment_&_Management   Saija Toivonon
Web: http://www.reimgroup.com/   -
Email : saija.toivonon@reimgroup.com Tel. : +358 20 7438 410
Slot og Gods arbejder med kampagner for udvalgte Slotte, Godser og Herregårde m.m. i både Danmark, Sverige og Frankrig. Vi markedsfører disse steder over for erhvervslivet i de respektive lande.
Company Contactperson
Slot_&_Gods_ApS   Carl Rytter
Web: http://www.slotoggods.dk   2300-København S
Email : c.rytter@slotoggods.dk Tel. : +45 78 73 05 25
DMG was founded by a team with a wealth of experience in the office supplies and print industry. Together we wanted to combine both services to save clients not only time, but also money.
Company Contactperson
DMG_Office   Jon Marshall
Web: http://www.dmgoffice.co.uk   SE18 6RS-Arsenal Woolwich
Email : jon@dmgoffice.co.uk Tel. : 0203 096 2008
Bent u op zoek naar een goede gebruikte personen auto of bedrijfsauto dan bent u bij ons aan het goede adres. Zeker voor uw sloop auto inkoop in Den Haag.
Company Contactperson
Autoterrein_Sammersbrug   Marinus Vos
Web: http://www.autoterreinsammersbrug.nl/   2548 AD-Den Haag
Email : info@autoterreinsammersbrug.nl Tel. : 070-7110243
In its original form the club was built in the mid 1970’s and ran for over a decade as a squash club. There was neither a gym, nor any alternative fitness options available in those days until the late 1980’s, when the Club was redeveloped and rebranded as Oasis.
Company Contactperson
The_Really_Fine_Leisure_Company   Steve Lewis
Web: http://themarlowclub.co.uk/   SL7 1LU-Marlow, Bucks.
Email : Steve@themarlowclub.co.uk Tel. : 01628 475709
X-Claims was one of the first companies to be regulated for claims business and takes regulation very seriously. If you feel there is any aspect of our service or the regulatory code which we have breached, please do not hesitate to let us know. Further – and for your peace of mind, we include herewith our complaints procedure.
Company Contactperson
X-Claims_Ltd.   Loraine Williams
Web: http://www.x-claims.com   W1B 2HA-London
Email : lorraine@x-claims.com Tel. : 0800-130-3663
Pianist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter and entertainer. Born in Canada / Toronto, since his youth musicians. 10 years Conservatory, founder of some pop music bands in Canada and USA. Recording Artist with Quality Records in Canada (Lynx).
Respondent Entertainer of the top hotels in Switzerland, Europe, Scandinavia, UK and Caribbean.
Company Contactperson
Sontonja_Consulting_&_Events   Sonja & Tony Caputo
Web: http://www.sontonja.ch/   CH-5322-Koblenz
Email : info@sontonja.ch Tel. : +41 76 332 54 24
Skanska is one of the world's leading construction groups. In the U.S., we are a provider of comprehensive construction services and a developer of public-private partnerships. We apply our expertise to everything from small renovations to billion-dollar projects, using a variety of delivery methods.
Company Contactperson
Skanska   John Harveland
Web: http://www.skanska.no   -Oslo
Email : john.harveland@skanska.no Tel. :
AWL Trucks are involved in the Sale and Hire of Commercial Vehicles and Plant. We specialise in Ex Authority Trucks and are based centrally in the UK just 15 minutes from East Midlands Airport in Ilkeston Derbyshire.
Company Contactperson
AW_Truck_Sales   Aaron Webster Webster
Web: http://awltrucks.co.uk/   DE7 4AZ-Derbyshire
Email : aaron@awltrucks.co.uk Tel. : 01158 708 208
07794 318588
Ruben Svart er et værksted med 10 ansatte beliggende i København. Vi designer, producerer og reparerer smykker, som sælges gennem et bredt net af forhandlere i Danmark. Ruben Svart handler ikke direkte med private kunder.
Company Contactperson
Ruben_Svart   Ruben Svart
Web: http://svart.dk   -
Email : r@svart.dk Tel. : +45 22 72 46 44
n our sites around the world, Roche employees raise awareness and funds for children most in need of support. Money raised goes to children's initiatives in more than 90 communities, while the remainder is donated to help children in Malawi, one of the least developed countries in the world.
Company Contactperson
Roche   Eva Kindstedt
Web: http://www.roche.com   -
Email : eva.jindstedt@roche.com Tel. :
Tag med Stena Line på Cruise. Et afbræk fra hverdagen, med enten ét eller to dager på sjøen, med kurs for Norge eller Sverige. Slapp av med et besøg i en af færgernes restauranter, eller med en forfriskende drink i en af barerne. Forkæl dig selv med oplevelser som en tur i spaopold i wellness-afdelingeneller en tur i blografen, mens ungerne leger i legelandet. Et besøg i den store butik er et must - her fristes med gode tilbud på parfume, tøj og meget mere.
Company Contactperson
Gavefeen_A/S   Josfar Pedersen
Web: http://gavefeen.dk/   8850-Bjerringbro
Email : jh@gavefeen.dk Tel. : 22254878
InfoTech Solutions is a leading developer and supplier of weighbridge software and process weighing systems. Our software solutions are supplied to a broad spectrum of industries from waste, recycling, grain, quarry, mining and gatehouses through to major utilities, aerospace, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Company Contactperson
InfoTech_Solutions   Anthony James
Web: http://www.infotechsolutions.co.uk   B495PJ -Alcester
Email : tonyjames@infotechsolutions.co.uk Tel. : +44 (0) 1789 400341
Established in 1995, Intake Transport now operates one of the largest and most easily recognised fleets on the road today. Although now based in Scunthorpe, South Humberside, the Company also operates satellite depots in Sheffield – South Yorkshire, West Lothian – Scotland, and South Wales. Moving the operation to the larger five acre site at Scunthorpe has now enabled the Company to provide storage solutions for many of their customers.
Company Contactperson
Intake_Transport   Barry Bowler
Web: http://www.intaketransport.co.uk   DN15 8SL-North Lincs
Email : barrie@intaketransport.co.uk Tel. : 01724 407 911
Hvor du bor i Norge er avgjørende for hvilken oppvarmingsløsning du skal velge til boligen din. Det finnes en rekke muligheter for å hente varme fra solen, luften, sjøen eller i bakken. Det handler om både hvilken energikilde du skal bruke og hvordan du skal distribuere varmen i boligen din.
Company Contactperson
Kontakt_oss   Lasse Hartz-Brown
Web: http://konnerudror.no   3032- Drammen
Email : Lasse@konnerudror.no Tel. : 32 88 90 90
Identic has more than 30 years experience in the development and manufacture of spill free re-fuelling and vehicle identification systems specifically for the bus, coach and fleet industries. A high percentage of bus Companies in Scandinavia and the Benelux countries use Identic for their re-fuelling needs. Installations in the UK are still going strong after 13 years.
Company Contactperson
Downstream_Environmental_Engineering_Ltd   Carol Erason
Web: http://www.downstreamengineering.com   MK45 4PJ-Bedfordshire
Email : carol@downstreamengineering.com Tel. : +44 (0) 1582 88 30 40
Individually hand-crafted solid wood interior shutters. Each interior shutter is a custom made shutter, handcrafted by a true artisan to ensure Le Louvre supply the highest quality interior shutters. Specialized finishes available, including 'shabby chic', distressed paint and 'faux leather' shutters.
Company Contactperson
Le_Louvre_-_Artisan_Shutters   Stephen Wassenaar
Web: http://lelouvreshutters.co.uk   RH13 8AU -Partridge Green
Email : steve@lelouvre.co.uk Tel. : 01403 711188
We are a national company specialising in designing, supplying & installing efficient & cost effective storage & handling solutions that add value to your business. Our continued success in this field is achieved by building relationships based on a close understanding of each clients needs. We design & build you the very latest storage systems to maximise your building space & reduce your cost.
Company Contactperson
WORKSPACE_Direct_Ltd   Clive Littlewood
Web: http://workspacedirect.co.uk   BD4 8NW-Bradford
Email : cl@workspacedirect.co.uk Tel. : 0800 377 7866
Dronsfields is a specialist family-run business that offers cheap Mercedes car and van parts, as well as repairs. When it comes to replacement parts and repairs for your Mercedes, we cannot be beaten. We’ve been in the replacement part industry for over 40 years and have grown considerably over that time.
Company Contactperson
Dronsfield_Limited   Angela Dronsfield
Web: http://www.dronsfields.com   OL2 6HS-Royton
Email : angela.dronsfield@dronsfields.co.uk Tel. : +44 (0)333 240 1020
We aim to deliver excellent, long term, investment performance – responsibly Established in 1983 as the primary manager of the BT Pension Scheme, Hermes Investment Management is one of the largest institutional asset managers in the UK, with £24.1 billion of assets under management and £169.8 billion in assets under advice.1
Company Contactperson
Hermes_Investment   Selina Tyler
Web: https://www.hermes-investment.com   E1 8HZ-London
Email : selina.tyler@hermes-investment.com Tel. : +44 (0) 20 7702 0888
The University of Greenwich has the best of both worlds, with city and country campuses.
Company Contactperson
University_of_Greenwich   Dr.Liz Warren
Web: http://www2.gre.ac.uk   SE9 2PQ-London
Email : E.Warren@greenwich.ac.uk Tel. : 020 8331 8000
Svenningsens havde den største traktorserie med til Herning fra Kubota – M7001. Som Kubota-importør i Danmark kunne vi byde på en vaskeægte premiere på Landsskuet i Herning. For allerførste gang præsenterede vi den nye 150 hk traktor i Kubotas nye M7001-serie, M7151.
Company Contactperson
Svenningsens_Maskinforretning   JoanneBenny Svenningsen
Web: http://www.svenningsens.dk/   DK-2770-Kastrup
Email : bsv@svenningsens.com Tel. : +45 32 50 29 02
Fitzgerald Insurances have been trading successfully in Kanturk for over 40 yrs. Our team has a huge knowledge of the General Insurance Market in Ireland.We pride ourselves on the level of personal attention we give ALL our customers.We have access to very competitive rates for all types of General Insurance…
Company Contactperson
Fitzgerald_Insurances   Joanne
Web: http://fitzgeraldinsurances.ie   -Co. Cork
Email : marion@fitzgeraldinsurances.ie Tel. : 029-50248
NTG Nordic A/S is a successful transport company which was established in 2011. Primarily through organic growth and with the purchase of Itella Logistics in 2015, the company is one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the Nordic countries.
Company Contactperson
NTG_Nordic_   Michael Larsen
Web: http://www.svenningsens.dk   DK-4600-Køge
Email : mil@ntgnordic.com Tel. : +45 7632 0960
Castle Carbide provide the latest Cutting Tool Technology for all types of machining applications in every industry sector and we are “Engineers selling to Engineers”. Our company are honoured to be associated with all the leading carbide manufacturers and are proud of our second to none customer service .
Company Contactperson
Castle_Carbide_Limited   Mark Knowles
Web: http://castlecarbide.co.uk/   DY2 8TS-West Midlands
Email : mark@castlecarbide.co.uk Tel. : 01384 457198
The Hendy Group's illustrious family-led heritage stretching back for more than 150 years is why our customers keep coming back time and time again. The values of quality, care and customer service still lie at the heart of the company, as they have done since 1859.
Company Contactperson
Hendy_Group_Ltd.   Paul Hendy
Web: http://www.hendy.co.uk   SO53 4DG-Hampshire
Email : phendy@hendy-group.com Tel. : 01243 523 405
Specialising in Property for Sale in Benalmadena, SPM Rentals and Property Sales was established to specialise in property management, sales and rental services on the Costa del Sol. It was recognised that there was a need for a more personalised and professional property management, property sale and rental service covering the areas between Malaga and Marbella, in Spain's Costa del Sol. At SPM we have one the best selections of Benalmadena Apartments and Benalmadena Villas for sale.
Company Contactperson
SPM_Reantals_&_Property_Sales   Robert Turner
Web: http://spmrentalsandpropertysales.com   29630-Málaga
Email : robert@spmrentalsandpropertysales.com Tel. : +34 952 562 407
Seznam.cz (or just Seznam, which means directory in English) is a web portal and search engine in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič in Prague as the first web portal in the Czech Republic. Seznam started with a search engine and an internet version of yellow pages. Today, Seznam runs more than 15 different web services and associated brands. Seznam had more than 6 million real users per month at the end of 2014.[5] Among the most popular services, according to NetMonitor, are its homepage seznam.cz, email.cz, search.seznam.cz and its yellow pages firmy.cz.
Company Contactperson
Seznam.cz,_a.s.   Tom Host
Web: https://www.seznam.cz/   150 00-Praha 5
Email : tom-host@seznam.cz Tel. : +420 234 694 111
“At Storm Group we have the knowledge and agility to adapt to our clients’ needs, which is why we have gone from solely providing traditional direct sales to advising our clients on multiple platforms and strategies. We continue to strive in field marketing but have complemented this with strong resources within telemarketing, digital marketing and consulting.”
Company Contactperson
Storm_Grouip   Torben Jonson
Web: http://stormgroup.net/en/   1620-Copenhagen
Email : torben@stormgroup.net Tel. : +45 72 20 72 77
I first studied in Finland at the University of Helsinki and graduated as MD in 1973. Before graduating, I had already worked in different locum jobs both at hospitals and at health centres. Due to the serious illness of my daughter, we moved to Tenerife, where I learned Spanish and passed the Spanish medical exams at the University of La Laguna in 1976
Company Contactperson
Dr.Pentii_Raaste   Dr.Pentii Raaste
Web: http://www.penttiraaste.com   29640-Fuengirola
Email : info@penttiraaste.com Tel. : 952 47 52 90
Hy-Kleen of Warwick Limited is a family run business that was established by Denis Suter in 1972. The company began its life providing cleaning materials and equipment to local businesses in the Warwick area. Denis soon noticed a niche in the market and expanded the business to supply a full contract cleaning and maintenance service nationally.
Company Contactperson
Hy-Kleen_of_Warwick_Limited   Debbie White
Web: http://www.hy-kleen.co.uk/   -
Email : debbie.white@hy-kleen.co.uk Tel. : 01926 496890
Claire Carpenter is an award-winning public speaker and speaking coach. Her speciality is helping people of all ages to overcome their fear and deliver powerful and persuasive presentations. Clients have delivered speeches in the House of Lords, the South Bank Centre and the European Business School after her coaching.
Company Contactperson
Claire_Carpenter   Claire Carpenter
Web: http://clairecarpenter.com   -
Email : Claire@clairecarpenter.com Tel. : +44 7791 278747
NGS Building Services are one of London’s most prominent building contractors. Working in all areas of London and the South East of England. Specialising in all domestic and commercial properties. NGS are able to undertake all building projects, working alongside renowned architect Martyn Clarke, guiding you through all of the build and design stages. From Planning Management, Drawings and Calculations through to a schedule of Works.
Company Contactperson
NGS_Building_Services   Suzanna Low
Web: http://www.ngsbuildingservices.co.uk/   -
Email : suzanna@ngsbuildingservices.co.uk Tel. :
01277 633880
Cabragh Engineering Ltd based in Co Tyrone, N. Ireland was established in 1984, has become a market leader in manufacturing concrete and quarry equipment exporting to over 35 Countries worldwide. Striving to improve customer production and profitability with our continuous innovative product research and development.
Company Contactperson
Cabragh_Engineering   Michael Kelly
Web: http://cabragheng.com   BT70 1TL-Co. Tyrone
Email : info@cabragheng.com Tel. :
028 8776 7490
Søger du en professionel og troværdig maler? Så er MalerHuseT A/S en fornuftig samarbejdspartner. Vi er et meget alsidigt malerfirma lokaliseret i Århus, Tilst. Vi lever i høj grad op til vores idégrundlag om at levere overfladebehandling i enhver form inden for malerarbejde og facadeafrensning.
Company Contactperson
MalerHuseT   Ole Blegvad
Web: http://www.malerhuset.dk   8381-Tilst
Email : oleblegvad@malerhuset.dk Tel. : 86 16 11 33
We invited you to discover our best wines, accompanied by the most delicious meals at a place anchored in history, “The Wine Museum”.
Company Contactperson
Museo_de_Vino_en_Mijas   Lorena Orellana Hernández
Web: http://www.museovinomalaga.org/es/   29650-Mijas
Email : info@museovinomijas.com Tel. : 952 48 63 67
G.J. Sladdin & Co Ltd are a specialist provider of quality General Insurance products. We aim to give our clients flexible products and use our knowledge of the markets to ensure the keenest premiums. Many of the products we offer are underwritten on a Scheme basis within our own binding authorities.
Company Contactperson
Sladdin_Insurance.co.uk   David Sladdin
Web: http://sladdininsurance.co.uk/   -
Email : david@sladdininsurance.co.uk Tel. : 0800 731 3989
Autoscot UK Ltd are proud to have provided the Automotive and associated industries, with quality contract staff over many years, ensuring that the highest skill factors are delivered within these specialised trades.
Company Contactperson
Autoscot_UK_Ltd.   Jamie McBride
Web: http://www.autoscot-uk.com   -Stratford
Email : j.mcbride@autoscot-uk.com Tel. : 01789268544
World Vacation Points LLC was set up specifically to distribute a new Pure Points product that has been developed in the USA, to a much wider market.
Company Contactperson
World_Vacation_Points   nthony Bugg
Web: http://worldvacationpoints.net   -
Email : info@worldvacationpoints.net Tel. : UK: 0044 2031375621 / ES: 0034 952596681
We’re at the heart of financial services. And our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We develop solutions to meet their challenges. We recruit the best. We build partnerships and invest in innovation to help them seize new opportunities.
Company Contactperson
International_Fund_Services_(Ireland)_Ltd.   Gary Bucklay
Web: http://www.statestreet.com   -Dublin2
Email : gbuckley@statestreet.com Tel. : +353 1 776 8000
The desire for freedom has opened the door. Technology has created the track. The consumer Internet is at scale – the masses are online and ready to make it happen.
Company Contactperson
Revital_U   C aroline Whitaker
Web: http://www.value4us.revitalu.co.uk/   -
Email : cw@carolinewhitaker.co.uk Tel. : 0772028560
Joe Bayley Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of beautiful fitted furniture as well as full refurbishments throughout the entire province of Malaga and the Costa del Sol.
Company Contactperson
Joe_Bayley_Kitchens   Joe Bayley
Web: http://www.joebayley.com   -La Cala de Mijas
Email : joe@joebayley.com Tel. :
We are very proud of the great service we provide to the Irish Catering Industry and also of the portfolio of products we have to offer. We have been involved in the catering and hospitality industry in Ireland for over 40 years and during that time we have built our business offering quality choice and value with all of the brands that we supply.
Company Contactperson
Excellence_Ltd,   Ronnie Molloy
Web: http://www.excellenceimporters.com   D13 Y860-Dublin13
Email : rmolloy@excellence.ie Tel. : +353 (0)1 832 3300
00 353 1 - 832 3300
Michael Ryder Protective Clothing was founded in 1988. We are a family business with over 50 years experience in the trade with Michael himself in the trade since 1966. We specialise in sourcing, importing and manufacturing garments to all industries with 99% of all orders placed dispatched the same day to our customers.
Company Contactperson
Protective_Clothing_Ltd.   Michael Ryan
Web: http://www.protectiveclothing.ie   -Dublin5
Email : michael@protectiveclothing.ie Tel. : (01) 8485533
(01) 8485586
We have a very broad base of clients in the business sector catering inter alia for the insurance industry, hoteliers and publicans, the book-making fraternity, utility providers, local councils, sporting bodies, banks and other financial institutions and many other sectors.
Company Contactperson
OHara_Solicitors   Gerry O'Hara
Web: http://www.oharesolicitors.com/   BT1 2A-Bekfast
Email : gerry@oharesolicitors.com Tel. : 028 9023 4800
At the forefront of infrastructure development, our projects include road infrastructure, pedestrian, bus and cycle schemes, urban rejuvenation, public lighting, water networks and flood defence.
Company Contactperson
KN_Group   Thomas Carr
Web: http://www.kngroup.com   -Dublin22
Email : tom.carr@knns.ie Tel. : +353(0)1 4575000
Dr. Bohbot. 30 years of experience in high level dentistry, implants and surgery. 3D Technology for building ceramic crowns in just an hour (German Sirona system, cerec)
Company Contactperson
Clinica_Dental_Dr.Bohbot   Gustavo Bohbot
Web: http://www.clinicadentalbohbot.com   -Arroyo de la Miel - Benlamádena
Email : gustavobohbot@hotmail.com Tel. : 952.564.649
As a leading, independently owned, financial and professional services group, Smith & Williamson has been looking after the financial affairs of individuals, families and businesses for more than a century..
Company Contactperson
Smith_&_Williamson   Gerry Keevey
Web: http://smithandwilliamson.com   EC2R 6AY-London
Email : Gerry.Keevey@smithandwilliamson.com Tel. : 020 7131 4000
Leder du efter en ny bolig, kan du med fordel bruge Nyboligs boligsøgerapp Ny Bolig? Her får du nemt mulighed for at finde frem til lige præcis den bolig, du drømmer om.
Company Contactperson
Nybolig Ejendomsmagler   Steen Royberg
Web: nyboliglandbrug.dk   1780-Kbenhavn V
Email : sro@nybolig.dk Tel. : 4455 6300
We are the leading repairer of housing companies and tenement buildings in Finland.
Company Contactperson
CONSTI   Michael Diomin
Web: http://www.consti.fi   FI-00440-Helsinki
Email : michael.diomin@consti.fi Tel. : +358 10 288 6000
I am an accomplished wedding photographer & videographer covering weddings on the Costa del Sol for over 10 years
Company Contactperson
Wedding Photographer & Video   Gary Tapp
Web: http://www.weddingphotographermarbellaspain.com/   -
Email : yourweddingmoments@gmail.com Tel. :
+34 600 545 032
Dale Building Maintenance Ltd was formed in 1986 by it’s present directors Iwan Davies and Jeff Price. Through steady growth it has established itself as one of the UK’s leading regional property maintenance companies.
Company Contactperson
Dale Building Maintenance Ltd   Iwan Davies
Web: http://www.dalemaintenance.com   Cardiff CF15 7QD-Cardiff
Email : iwan@dalemaintenance.com Tel. : 0845 60 33 666
Architecturally driven professional building company
Miles Builders are a professional building and construction company executing residential and commercial construction projects all over London and the South East.
Company Contactperson
Milesbuilders   Ray Miles
Web: http://www.milesbuilders.co.uk/   GU24 8PD-Chobham
Email : ray@milesbuilders.co.uk Tel. : +44 1276 485 414


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